Saturday, January 21, 2012

Buggy Progress

Not much to show for all the time I've spent. There's a lot of little parts to make, like these turbo water supply lines. Now they need to be beadblasted and painted.

These turbo drain fittings took a while, I spot faced a recess into the center to prevent oil from pooling up in there. Those kind of details won't really be noticed but anyone but me, but it's part of my mental health therapy.

It's been very time consuming collecting parts since parts people no longer know anything about cars. If you can't tell them make, model, year you are screwed. Big shout to my buddy Randy, who is about my only resource smart enough to understand why I would want a turbo Camaro MAP sensor for a Subaru.

Here's an example. I got so tired of trying to find the turbo outlet gaskets, I just made my own out of solid copper sheet.

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