Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Buggy Stuff

The basic layout of the intake and exhaust
system is done.

I still need to build a balance tube between the two sides, and my plan is to plumb all the sensors into that. Boost gauge, MAP sensor, and a blow off valve.

 I am probably going to have to change the exhaust (after turbo) to go to the outside of the before turbo pipes. I wanted it compact, but it's too close to the valve cover and timing belt cover. You see that black tube on the left that goes from the transmission mount up to the cage? It took me 4 hours to redesign those 2 tubes to clear the new engine, and associated plumbing.

Not easy to see in the photo, but the oil pan has been shortened to where it is just above the bumper tubes.

The welding on the bottom is a sump for the pickup tube, which also had to be shortened. I borrowed some play dough from a mom at work and checked the clearance between the 2, just right! I still have some square tube to weld to both sides yet, to add capacity.

To give you an idea of how small those turbos are, the flange adapter I made is the size of a standard bug intake manifold.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but the TIG welding my buddy Joe did on the stainless exhaust is really nice. The way the 2 primaries merge together is a thing of beauty.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pay no attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

In a discussion involving Internet Presence, I realized I had more than one identity. I have never cared much whether people could find me, know who I was, or for that matter what they thought of me. So now you all know, here's my picture, whether you know me as "onebadbug", Steve Ward, E. Normus Johnson, or just the author of The Gearheads Cookbook.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Devil Dog

This stuff is hard core. It is to normal beer what Salma Hayek is to Roseanne Barr.
I don't now how to describe it, major hop flavor, there are 4 different kinds! It's only flaw might be that it needs to saved for special occasions, it's just too much ... everything. I love it, I give it a 9.

Then I got some Rocket Dog, also from Laughing Dog Brewery. It's made out of Rye. What the hell is Rye anyway? In old time westerns they say "give me a shot of Rye." I love Rye bread, but I am sorry to say I don't like Rye beer. I can only give this a 5, but I feel bad about it. Not for me, but give it a try. I want L.D. to stay in business for a long time.

Buggy Progress

Not much to show for all the time I've spent. There's a lot of little parts to make, like these turbo water supply lines. Now they need to be beadblasted and painted.

These turbo drain fittings took a while, I spot faced a recess into the center to prevent oil from pooling up in there. Those kind of details won't really be noticed but anyone but me, but it's part of my mental health therapy.

It's been very time consuming collecting parts since parts people no longer know anything about cars. If you can't tell them make, model, year you are screwed. Big shout to my buddy Randy, who is about my only resource smart enough to understand why I would want a turbo Camaro MAP sensor for a Subaru.

Here's an example. I got so tired of trying to find the turbo outlet gaskets, I just made my own out of solid copper sheet.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to the Future Buggy

The lack of recent posts is because all my effort lately has been going into my dune buggy project. Here's a pic from the old days.
 I've had this car some 20 years, and it's why I got started autocrossing. I just wanted a place to drive it, and it was not yet street legal. However, once I started racing it, my priorities changed, and all I did was make it faster on course. At one point, I was the fastest car of the day, but then it was time to build the A-Mod. That's another story. About 5 years ago, some dumbass backed into the buggy and that put it into the back of the shop. I started to rebuild it a year or so later, but then got busy with other things. It has taken me quite a while to even remember where I left off.
By the way, that spoiler looking thing on the front was only partially for aerodynamic purposes, mostly it hid a 40 pound chunk of steel cantilevered as far forward as possible. The buggy had enough power that turning and accelerating could not be done at the same time!

I aquired a Subaru EJ22 from a friend, and decided that's what would power the buggy. But then, after I ran Bonneville, I had this little turbo left over, so I figured I would just buy another one, and make it twin turbo.
Isn't it cute?

This little turbo can only make 90 to 100 HP, but there's 2. The engine stock is 140. Obviously, I am not trying for max power, I just think it's cool. That philosophy is being applied to the whole project, and I am fabricating things just because I can, or just for the hell of it. Here's a little mount I made to support the front fenders, it uses a Rabbit radiator mount for flexibility.

The engine has so few miles that this paper label never came off the cylinder head.

Everything is solid mounted, so I made engine mounts that attach to the rear bumper. A double bolted connection is not the best way to do it, but was neccesary to allow the bumper to go on and off. The oil filter just touches the cage, so I will have to find something smaller.

Here's the bracket to mount the Geo Metro alternator.

I wanted a ball joint front end and the chassis is a 58, so I welded the entire fram head from a later car on. I was missing one of the brake hose brackets after that, so Here's one from square tube. That stuff is easy to make things from. The aluminum thing you see behind it is a square box with a cover plate where I ran SS fuel lines, and the main battery cable through the tunnel.

Here's the last picture for this post. You are wondering how there can be any way that huge radiator can go into that little car? You will have to wait and see!