Sunday, March 11, 2012

Outa here

I'm so annoyed with the whole "Chumpcar that no one wants to drive", I thought about smashing it with a hammer the other day. So I figured I better let Troy keep it at his place. My last Karmann Ghia, I tried to sell at the Bugfair, and I told everyone if it wasn't sold by noon, I would let people smash it with a hammer for $1 a whack. Some of the folks there were really pissed at me about it. Not so much that they simply bought the car from me to prevent it, though. I made $57 letting people smash it, if I remember right.
  We have decided we will take it to Bonneville this September with a turbo motor. I have most of the parts to do that laying around, so that will be fun.

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