Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smokey Yunick

One of my heroes is Smokey Yunick, a brilliant innovator, inventor and racer. Some say he is the biggest cheater ever. I just read something where Smokey explains what he considers cheating, and he puts it in a way that has evaded me for quite some time. I hate cheaters, but I love people who imagine a new way of doing something. Here's how Smokey sees the difference between the 2.

"All along, NASCAR could have gotten me to "behave" by writing rules without ambiguities because I refused to cheat. There was no craft or fun in that. Whenever a rule appeared outlawing something, I instantly gave it up."

That's how I see it too, I would never do anything that is against the rules, but finding things no one else ever thought of is the best part of racing/car building.
 Here's the article, and if you like it, look for the book about Smokey. The man was a genius.

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